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About Us

The Guest Informer was first published in New Jersey as a travel magazine for the millions of people who travel to the New York City tri-state area. Many tourists to New York City stay in New Jersey hotels because they are less expensive than New York hotels.  The New Jersey Guest Informer was a way of introducing people to New Jersey dining, shopping, and attractions. It also afforded tourists with the only complete listing of airlines, calendar of events, maps, and nightclubs for the llocal area.

The Adirondack Guest Informer follows in the footsteps of the New Jersey Guest Informer and is available in thousands of hotel rooms in the Adirondacks and in the city of Saratoga Springs.   The full color advertising is complemented by general interest stories and  stories about everyday people who call this region their home.  Additionally, the Guest Informer is the only regional magazine which offers a full page of recommended hiking trails in each issue and a complete listing of local nightclubs.  In short, the ADK Guest Informer is a comprehensive guide to all there is to see and do in the Adirondacks.

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